Hospitality Cloud

As a hotelier in sales and marketing, you spend most of your time doing busy work - juggling spreadsheets, documents, emails, and sticky notes - in an effort to simply understand your daily group business.

  • Market to planners across multiple sourcing sites
  • Route their RFPs to a centralized hub where they are automatically graded by custom parameters
  • Analyze your group business pipeline with real-time reports

We call it the Cvent Hospitality Cloud.

Group Marketing Solutions

Our Group Marketing Solutions span three online marketplaces that support a variety of meeting planners - the Cvent Supplier Network,, and Leverage marketing opportunities that put your hotel in front of the hundreds of thousands of planners who use our eRFP channels to research destinations, find venues, and source for their meetings and events.


Group Demand Management

With the continuing rise of inbound leads, you need to focus on and prioritize your most profitable group prospects. Cvent’s Group Demand Management solutions provide you with the tools you need to effectively route, score, and track a high volume of group business leads. Regain your sales confidence and convert leads that maximize margins with a real-time, dynamic view of your group demand and resource availability.


Group Business Intelligence

There is no shortage of data in the hotel business, but even the most sophisticated hotel teams struggle to convert data into actionable insights. Cvent’s Group Business Intelligence solutions provide you with reports that aggregate and analyze group data; in turn helping you make better business decisions for smarter group planning and management.